Customising the User Principal Name (UPN)

In some situations there is a requirement for specific users to have a different User Principal Name (UPN) from other users. If your school is in this situation then this article outlines the steps to take to customise the UPN for a user

This article assumes that:

  1. Every user has an email address pre-filled in KAMAR
  2. The email address is treated as the UPN

First, configure a new Attribute Mapping that maps the userPrincipalName attribute to the email placeholder that ADMS provides. This can be added in the ADMS Admin Console on the Staff or Student page


When KAMAR next sends an update, the user's AD account will have it's UPN updated to the value supplied in the Attribute Mapping. In this instance, it will be the email address that is sent from KAMAR.

Note: ADMS will perform the UPN change twice, once to the ADMS generated UPN and then to the value specified in the Attribute Mapping. This is illustrated in log for the specific request and is expected in current versions of ADMSv2

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