Creating Cohorts in Moodle

In many schools, the ability to manage a number of users collectively and to control their enrolment is important. For example, classes may need to be added to specific subject-related courses.

Cohorts are site-wide collections of users that can be enrolled in a course in a single action. There are 3 stages to this process;

  1. Creating a cohort
  2. Adding users to the cohort
  3. Setting up the course enrolment

Note - as the Cohort sync enrolment method is disabled by default, it must first be enabled by the site administrator.

Creating a cohort

As an administrator or manager go into Site administration > Users > Accounts > Cohorts

step two

The options here are to do the cohort with a context, eg a category or just make it sitewide the Cohort ID is if you wish to upload the cohort via CSV

Adding users to a cohort

Click the small icon at the end to go to the selection screen

The selection screen

At this stage you will have to search for the users unless you have done this via CSV.

Adding the Cohort to a course

Enrolment methods

Now in a course you need to select Cohort Sync

Setting up the enrolment

Now you have a few options. We can select the Cohort that we set up earlier (AllStaff in this case) we can also set what sort of enrolment they will have in this course or add to a group.

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