Beginning of year procedures for moodle

Before the start of the new school year, it is strongly recommended that you spend some time preparing your Moodle course(s) for the new year, just like setting up your real classroom. The main advantages of undertaking the process detailed in this document is that: You will have a copy of your course that relates to the previous year, because you will be saving a copy (back-up) of your course(s) onto your local computer (Step 1) Your course will be free of old user data (such as course logs, discussion posts, quiz attempts, groups, etc), because by resetting the course(s) in Moodle (Step 2), the user data is deleted but resources and activities are retained.

Important: If you do not reset your course as described in this guide, you will result in having a mixture of new and old user data in your Moodle course(s). This process can only be undertaken by staff who have editing access to the course. If there is more than one teacher who has editing access to the course, you will need to decide who undertakes this process. Ideally, this process should be done when teaching has finished and your students are no longer using the Moodle course.

Saving a course backup (Step one)

To backup a course

  • Go to Settings > Course administration > Backup
  • Initial settings - Select activities, blocks, filters and other items as required then click the Next button. Users with appropriate permissions, such as administrators and managers, can choose whether to include users, anonymize user information, or include user role assignments, user files, comments, user completion details, course logs and grade history in the backup.
  • Schema settings - Select/deselect specific items to include in backup then click the Next button
  • Confirmation and review - Check that everything is as required, using the Previous button if necessary, otherwise click the 'Perform backup' button
  • Complete - Click the Continue button

NB Many sites are set to automatically backup the courses once a week you can find this in the Restore area. You have now saved you back-up file and can proceed to the next step for instructions on how to reset your Moodle course.

Once the backup is complete you can download the backup

Resetting your Moodle course (Step two)

After saving a back-up of your course, you will now need to reset the Moodle course. Resetting a Moodle course allows you to empty a course of user data, while retaining the resources, activities and other settings. This means that you are able to use the course for the new school year with all your resources and activities intact, but without user data from the previous year.

Again go to the settings block and select Reset.

Choices for next Year

On the next screen, you will have the choice over which user data you wish to delete and keep. You can also change the date that the course starts. Remember that resetting the course does not delete your course content or any of the activities you have set up.

When you are ready to reset your course, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Reset course button. You will then be asked to confirm, click on Continue to do this.

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