Adding a video from ClickView Online

In this article we will use the mod_clickview plugin to add a video from your school's ClickView library.

Turning Editing On

Navigate to your target course and click on "Turn Editing On" in the top right hand corner of your window

Add a new resouce

Click on "Add an activity or resource" and scroll down to the Resources section.

Choose the ClickView Video Resource

Choose "ClickView Video" and click Add

Adding a new ClickView Video

Give your new video a title.

Logging in to ClickView

If you are not already signed in to ClickView, click on the orange sign in button. A login window will pop up. Enter your username and password when prompted.

Picking a ClickView Video

Once you have signed in to ClickView you will be able to search your libraries for videos.

  1. Select the video you want to add.
  2. Choose the video size (this is how big you want the video to show in Moodle
  3. If you would like the video to start automatically, check the "Autoplay Video" checkbox.

Choosing common settings

Set the group mode if you need to, and click "Save and return to course"

View the new video

Your new video resource will be added to the course topic/section you can then click on it to watch the video.

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