Publishing and subscribing to the KAMAR ICS calendars

ITed's KAMAR Portal hosting can provide access to the ICS calendars that KAMAR can generate. These can then be subscribed to in your calendar software. e.g Google Calendar.

There are a number of steps that you or your the person that manages your IT manager will need to complete.

Requisites and Assumptions


Assumption: Calendar location is F:\KAMAR_Exports\ics\

Assumption: The FileMaker server is Windows. If you are using OS X please contact us

The IIS site "FMWebSite" is running on port 80. Depending on how FMS was installed this may be different


  • Do not share the teacher calendar URL publicly

  • Append a random string to the teacher URL. so that it cannot be guessed
 (47dsh48dSF in out examples)

Setup IIS

Setup IIS

First we will need to create a virtual directory in IIS that points at the calendar location (F:\KAMAR_Exports\ics\ in our example)

1. Open IIS Manager from Administrative Tools

Or Start > Run > inetmgr

2. Check FMWebSite

Click on "Sites" and verify that "FMWebSite" is started and bound to port 80.

Check FMWebSite

3. Select FMWebSite and choose "View Virtual Directories"

Select FMWebSite and choose "View Virtual Directories"

4. Adding a virtual directory

Choose "Add Virtual Directory". Set the Alias to "ics" and the Physical Path to the calendar location from earlier

Adding a virtual directory

5. Verify local access

Open the browser on the server and enter http://localhost/ics/school-events.ics (where school-events.ics is the file name of the "Parent Calendar" configured in KAMAR)

The calendar file should load in the browser

Setup on the server is now completed

Verify local access

Notify ITed

There is some configuration we need to complete at our end to make the calendars public, so let us know when you have completed the IIS configuration.

Your ICS files will then be available at your myStudent domain. For example


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