Moodle 3 Upgrade

Hosted schools were updated on Monday 25th Jan 2016

This upgrade brings many improvements to Moodle itself as well as new plugins that have been requested by several schools.

My home renamed to Dashboard

While retaining its full functionality as before. Where courses have assignments, these are only now displayed in the Course overview block when they need attention from the teacher (grading) or the student (submitting/resubmitting). Read more...

Improved messaging

A messages button on profile pages enables you to send messages via pop-up box without leaving the page you are on.

Drag and drop into Atto

It's now possible to drag and drop images directly into the Atto editor, for example when editing a course summary or when posting in a forum. Also new table editing features and new Maths equation buttons


can now have section headings and questions can be shuffled on different pages. It is now possible to require that a particular question be answered before a subsequent one may be accessed, and quizzes along with responses and feedback will now display attractively when printed from the browser.

Moodle KAMAR security improvements

A user could previously access the section page by entering the URL in the address bar even when the section was disabled. The blocks now have an access check before loading each section to remedy this.

Office 365 integration improvements

  • Customisable field mapping between Azure and Moodle.
  • User creation restrictions for user sync based on field value.
  • Option to preserve existing authentication method when linking users
  • Moodle to Office user matching tool. -- This allows you to upload a CSV containing Moodle and Office 365 usernames to be connected together.
  • Automatically assign Azure users to the configure Azure application during user sync to allow Moodle to show up in "My Apps" in Office.
  • Support for Office Video and Sway has been added to the oembed filter.

New plugins

For all the details see the New Features summary, the full Release notes or watch the release videos onYouTube. Remember this release includes all the improvements of Moodle 2.9 and 3.0.

If you have any questions about what is happening don't hesitate to drop us a message. Or even use the support widget within Moodle.

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