KAMAR Setup (Legacy)

Before ADMS can do anything, KAMAR needs to be setup to send data to it using Directory Services
Main Menu ⇒ Setup ⇒ KAMAR ⇒ Server ⇒ Directory Services Create a 'New' service and select the 'ADMS' option

KAMAR will populate the default settings for the ADMS service automatically.
  1. Set the 'Service Address' to point to the Domain Controller where you installed the service
  2. Copy the unique ID from the Active Directory Service and paste into the Authentication field
  3. Do not enter a Username
  4. If you have multiple schools (such as a Teen Parent Unit) configured and you need them sent to ADMS, ensure you select the ones in use.

Press the 'Check' button to verify your connection is working.

After a few seconds, KAMAR will report the result of your connection.
If successful, you can then press the 'Update' button to complete your first full sync of all staff / students to the Domain Controller service.
The update process is run in the background on the FileMaker server and may take a while to complete before you see anything happening in the ADMS service the Domain Controller itself.
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