ADMS Overview

The Active Directory Management Service (ADMS) is a tool to enable KAMAR to populate Microsoft Active Directory with users and groups that exist within your school's instance of KAMAR. It was previously know as KAMAR Directory Manager Service (KDMS)

The ADMS will also create an Organisational Unit structure to contain both these managed users and groups as well as other managed organisational units to contain students based on year levels and staff members by their KAMAR classification.


This service is intended to replace the old KAMAR AD Service (aka Network Users) which was originally written for Windows 2003 Server.

While ADMS can take over an existing directory managed by Network Users careful planning, coordination and testing is required. The main reason for this is a difference in naming conventions used in the KAMAR managed AD security groups that may necessitate the reapplying of permissions to the newly created replacement groupings.

If you are currently using Network Users to populate your directory then contact the ITed helpdesk before using the new service.

If this is your first time using the service, we strongly suggest you install on a stand alone domain controller to ensure you understand what will occur.

ITed Services Limited takes no responsibility for any unexpected changes to your network and/or domain as a result of using this tool.

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