Using data sent from KAMAR

The placeholders below are supported and available in the Attribute Mapping areas in the ADMS Admin Console and can be mapped to any available single valued attribute in Active Directory.

For a complete list of Active Directory attributes available see

Common Students Staff
<role> <yearlevel> <title>
<id> <whanau> <position>
<uniqueid> <genderpreferred> <classification>
<firstname> <enrolmentdate> <moenumber>
<lastname> <althomedrive> <registrationnumber>
<username> <altdescription> <extension>
<email> <byodinfo> <departments>
<datebirth> <caregivernames>  
<gender> <caregiveremails>  

A complete list of fields sent from KAMAR is available at If you find there is data available from KAMAR that you would like to use in ADMS, please let us know.


The following Active Directory attributes are needed by ADMS. Do not configure an Attribute Mapping to override them.

sAMAccountName employeeID


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