Creating Service

Before ADMS can do anything, KAMAR needs to be setup to send data to it using Directory Services 

Main Menu ⇒ Setup ⇒ Server ⇒ Directory Services

Create a 'New' service and select the 'Create' option


The default looks like this


Configuring Service

The address field needs to have the URL or IP Address of the machine hosting the ADMS service.

For the Username use ADMS

For Authentication use the service GUID

Ensure that use XML is checked.

Make sure Passwords is ticked.

Make sure Part Updates is ticked and you have set a time for full updates to run.

Then click Check and Enable to allow KAMAR to connect to the ADMS service


The final step is to click on the Staff and Students checkmarks that allow the details to be sent. You need to do this for both if you are syncing staff as well as students. Tick and send all data.


You can then test with a single student/staff member from the Students/Staff tabs. Follow this up by checking the lastest log at

C:\Program Files\ITed Services\ADMS\Logs\Requests 

and finally running a full sync.Screen_Shot_2020-11-26_at_10.52.57_AM.png

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