Latest Version

Version 2.6.2 Released 2023-07-12

New Features

  • [ADMS-177] Custom date formats

    Enables custom date formats required for integration with the Ministry of Education's DI4OL project.

    Custom date formats are available for the date type placeholders sent from KAMAR such as datebirth and startingdate

    Examples of supported formats can be found in the Help Center

Bug Fixes

  • [ADMS-178] Left staff users not disabled

    v2.6.0 introduced a regression where by staff accounts were not being disabled due to a password not being present in the update request. This is now handled correctly and existing staff that have left and are still being sent by KAMAR will be processed as expected.

    Any staff that have past stopped being sent by KAMAR will need to be disabled manually in Active Directory. They should be easily located in the Left OU.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Revert regression introduced with v2.6.0 where some script parameters were supplied in a strange order
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