Latest Version

Version 2.3.0 Released 2017-06-20

New Features

  • [ADMS-98] - Sync KAMAR photos

    ADMS can now save staff and student photos as a 96x96 thumbnail in the thumbnailPhoto and jpegPhoto attributes and to the local disk or network location for use elsewhere.

  • [ADMS-102] - Ability to use caregiver details

    Caregiver names and email addresses are now available to use in Attribute Mapping as <caregivernames> and <caregiveremails>. If there is more than one caregiver then the values will be comma separated.


  • [ADMS-96] - Remove NSN

    In an upcoming KAMAR update the NSN will no longer be sent in the Directory Services data.


    • The <nsn> placeholder has been removed and will no longer be parsed when used in an Attribute Mapping

    • The order of the student script parameters order will not change and the value of the NSN parameter will now be an empty string.

  • [ADMS-101] - Ensure Directory Services XML is valid before processing

    If the request data from KAMAR contains invalid XML ADMS will now return and log an error with the details instead of aborting without anything helpful.

  • [ADMS-103] - Migrate password hash into attribute mappings

    The password hash location will be migrated into an Attribute Mapping for each user type (staff & student). The hash format is still set globally in the Service section of the Admin Console.

    Resolves issues where a user's password hash is not set/updated when:

    • the user's password is in sync
    • the hash location is changed
    • the hash type is changed

Bug Fixes

  • [ADMS-91] - INF and ERR logs for an invalid user location do not provide enough detail

  • [ADMS-92] - Removing left users group memberships unhandled exception

    Worked around an issue where ADMS would occasionally throw an execption (that we didn't expect) when attempting to enumerate a user's group memberships.

  • [ADMS-93] - Left user group memberships not being removed

    When a user is identified as left ADMS would clear the group memberships and then add the groups back during group processing.

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